Friday, August 10, 2012

First Two Days Of The New Adventure!

Getting up early is always a challenge around here and can make us a little slap happy! That being said, I will still say, Gracie was SUPER excited for the first day of our new style of learning!

Frankie, being more like his dad, while excited, was cautiously excited, more so than deliriously excited like his sister!

I think having a mascot for our classroom is PERFECT! Especially one who hates to leave my side ! Plus it just kind of represents the perks of homeschooling! However while Jasmine is ready to be our mascott, Hunter is glad the kids are "back to school" and can be left alone out in the living room!

Halfway through the day and they are still smiling, could this have something to do with the fact that I was not sure how much time things were going to take so we ended up finishing way earlier than I had planned and they ended up having ALOT more free time than me crazy, but I think so!

Remember that deliriously excited, slap happy girl, remember how I said getting up early is always a challenge for us, remember that extra "down time" I was talking about, and also remember the "perks" of homeschooling I was referring to.....ya well..... put all the above into the picture below.......

Crashed and Burned......

Second day and all is well....However we did ditch the little tables in favor for one large table that can be taken down as needed. Another thing in homeschooling is you are ever learning by trial and error.

Yes they do seem a bit old to be "coloring" still, but I figure, what better way for them to remember the flags of the different countries than to have to spend a little time coloring them. I strongly believe in the thought that they remember more the things their hands do  and the less what they just SIT listening to....letting their minds wonder.....hearing bits and pieces of what they are told....

And THAT is how our first few days were! Some things turned out great, some things need a little tweeking, but they are still coming to me saying "let the learning begin" before each class, so, either I am doing something right, or the newness just still hasn't worn off. EITHER way, only time will tell.

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